Medical Facilities

Pulaski Health Center, 61 Delano Street
61 Delano Street

Pulaski Health Center

Located at 61 Delano Street, in Pulaski, NY, the Pulaski Health Center is a family-oriented health care practice that provides Northern Oswego and Southern Jefferson County residents with a variety of comprehensive healthcare and related services. The center is accredited through the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

Incorporated in 1969 as Northern Oswego County Health Services, Inc. (NOCHSI), the facility operates as Pulaski Health Center and is governed by a volunteer board of directors from area communities. School based Health Centers are offered through Pulaski Health Center and provide primary healthcare to program enrolled students in grades Pre-K thru 12 at the Pulaski and Sandy Creek School Districts.

For additional information on the services provided through Pulaski Health Center please contact

(315) 298-6564.

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